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Handmade serendipity necklace in silver

Handmade serendipity necklace in silver

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Me and my favorite word ... I could not help but ...

I defied the number of letters and went all in !! I like letters. Probably mainly because they create an understanding. I'm tired of games and masks. I want to experience whatever it is for real!

And that is exactly where "serendipity" comes in, because the untyped flow feeling bounces off a possible mask you are wearing. Or if you play a role for that matter.

I believe that the true joy comes in being present especially in the meeting with others. To dare to meet, dare to be curious, want to share, but at the same time care about their boundaries.

For me, it is something that is so full of life and bursts with joy and yet you get into situations when you just do not dare. Afterwards, one may wonder what happened and who knows, something may have stuck in some old memory that gave one a strange picture of reality.

Shall we not be helped to let out more untipped joy and go bubbling out in the sun !!!

The necklace's text is 12 cm long and 2 cm high.

The chain is attached with two small hooks at each end of the word and the chain is 14 cm.

The necklace weighs a total of 19 grams